Alan David Kaminski

Control poblacional de perros de libre desplazamiento., Alan David Kaminski

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My name is Alan D. Kaminski I live and work in Argentina, for more than 12 years I have dedicated myself to research and work in the area of ​​ethology (dogs). The places where I worked were several and I met science from a very young age through the Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Science Museum, I also worked in Hospitals with the problem of domestic animals within them, in Zoonosis Institutes of various departments working with aggressive animals and conduct disorders, collaborate and work for the Jane Goodall based in Argentina doing etogram of elephants. Currently I am dedicated to population control of dogs, and how their activities interact with wildlife. The work consists of not mistreating any animal and evaluating all the possibilities that we have to be able to have an ethical management of the situation. My interests are work in the field, as well as research and dissemination of science and social work.

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