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I am an ecologist with a B.S. from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I live in the United States and I moved from California to Arizona in May 2020. I am currently job searching and building my conservation skills. The majority of my research experience is with small mammals from California, including mice from the genus Peromyscus. I completed a bachelor's thesis studying the range of the Santa Cruz kangaroo rat (Dipodomys venustus venustus). I worked for six months for the Resource Conservation District in California as a monitoring biologist on the Salinas River. We were working to control invasive Arundo donax plants and to control flooding by mowing overflow channels. I worked for nine months as a senior park aide for California State Parks in Santa Cruz County. I have some experience with ArcGIS from taking a university course, using it for my thesis, and using it to process data and produce maps for the Resource Conservation District. I am interested in gaining experience in 1) researching plants, birds, and/or reptiles 2) land management such as ecosystem restoration and trail maintenance and 3) relevant computer software such as R Programming and QGIS. I am also interested in making connections with fellow conservationists in Arizona. I enjoy hiking, camping, reading, gardening, and cooking. I also enjoy rock climbing and backpacking, although I am a newbie to both.

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