Fatima Yahfoufi (She/Her)

Project Assistant, The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST)
Oliver Dauert

Founder, Wildya

Here are the 3 things I am all about: 1. Nature From day one my favorite place to be and my north star in every life decision I make. I want to protect and rewild as much nature as I possibly can. In order to do so I created 2 businesses: Wildya - my attempt to give personal development a wild update Wild Business Mates - my consulting service to empower wild change makers 2. Personal Development I am life long learner and believe that we can live happier if we take matters into our own hands. Daily tiny actions accumulate. So with Wildya, I can support you to take action and change your life. 3. Ecopreneurship The world needs to change. The most successful companies & NGOs of tomorrow generate positive impact at scale. If you attempting to do this, let me help you. I am building Wildya transparently, to provide a clear blueprint on how to take an idea from 0 to a sustainable business / NGO. Creating a community of wild change-makers, as well as consulting them along the way.
Ali Skeats

WildLearning Manager, WildTeam