Miss Laura Gosset

Head of Education, Born Free
Ella Perkins

Project Manager, Logobrand

Hello! My name is Ella and I am currently a project manager in the marketing sector, looking to switch industries. I am based in the East Midlands (for now!). Prior to working in marketing, I was an event organiser for pharmaceutical companies. I am definitely an explorer at heart, and have travelled to many parts of the world to observe wildlife and nature. After my degree, I travelled to Mexico to volunteer at a dog sanctuary for 6 months and have also embarked on trips such as trekking in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, supporting elephant rehabilitation in Thailand and working on a farm rescuing wild animals in central Australia. Conservation has always interested me, and I have become increasingly aware that it is something I want to do as a profession. I love Project Management, however would like to transfer my skills into a career within the conservation sector.
Nikki Tagg

Head of Conservation, Born Free Foundation