Olivia Watts

Biodiversity Content Officer, Field Studies Council and FSC BioLinks
Amy Gornall

Image Analyst, N/A

Hi! My name is Amy and I am an Ornithological Image Analyst for an environmental consultancy. I have a special interest in birds and would love to work on a wildlife conservation project in the future. My other interests include travelling, birdwatching, art/illustration, climbing and gaming.

Gino Brignoli

BioLinks Project Officer, Field Studies Council

I am an active invertebrate recorder in London’s green spaces, with a particular interest in the ecologies of urban insects.

I've worked as a freelance field surveyor on behalf of the Forestry Commission; researched ant ecology and evolution, and taught entomology field techniques whilst employed as a Research Assistant at Queen Mary University of London. With a keen interest in ecology and entomology, I studied an MSc in Ecology and Evolution from Queen Mary and a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Previously, I volunteered with the Lepidoptera department and Soil Biodiversity Group at the Natural History Museum, and on the Thorn to Orchid and Water for Wildlife projects with the London Wildlife Trust.

I now coordinate the FSC BioLinks courses in London.