Robyn James (She/Her)

Gender and Equity Director, Asia Pacific, The Nature Conservancy

About Robyn James

For 25+ years, I have been leading and supporting conservation work in Asia Pacific that prioritizes collaboration, and equity and inclusion for people who are typically marginalised from these efforts. I have collaborated with staff and communities in more than 17 countries—including Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands—to centre gender equity in natural resource management so that women too can benefit from conservation and not be put at risk by conservation work. Currently, I am undertaking a PhD in gender and conservation at the University Queensland, Australia.
I believe that we can only address climate change and our biodiversity crisis by addressing the systems that only privilege and give voice to a few. For example, we need pay equity, diverse teams, feminist leadership and a social justice lens on everything to get there: that is what I work on.

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