Ron van der A

Chair, Stichting Painted Dog Conservation

About Ron van der A

First I will introduce myself:

 My name is Ron van der A and I have visited the Painted Dog Conservation project in Zimbabwe for the first time in 1999Many years have followed.  

In 2004, we, in The Netherlands , have started a foundation. Main reason was to be more professional in our support to the project.

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And why am I so dedicated to the African Wild Dog? In the Netherlands and Zimbabwe?

Sometimes you don't choose something; it comes to you, as it did for me.

During several safaris in Kenya and Tanzania in the 1990s, my passion for Africa developed, and I wanted to give something back to African nature. After volunteering in Swaziland and Kenya, I encountered the Painted Dog Conservation Project in Zimbabwe in 1998. The project's development in collaboration with the local population appealed to me greatly, especially given the extremely difficult conditions in Zimbabwe.

After many years as a volunteer, my passion transformed. It was a feeling that is hard to put into words, something that touches your soul and approached the essence of my life. The collaboration between the parties involved took shape and led to a more professional approach. This approach resulted in the establishment of our foundation in 2004. It is a privilege to be the chairman of the foundation.

The foundation's goal is to protect the current population of African wild dogs. Additionally, it aims to increase the number of wild dogs and expand their range both in Zimbabwe and in countries beyond. The wild dog (painted dog) is listed as an endangered species on the IUCN Red List. There are only 6,600 wild dogs left, which is just one percent compared to a hundred years ago!

I hope that our websites, and, invites you to support this special project! 


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