Sarah Woollam

Communications and Engagement Trainee, Lancashire Wildlife Trust

About Sarah Woollam

I work for Lancashire Wildlife Trust as a Communications and Engagement Trainee along the Kingfisher Trail in Bolton. I recently changed career from an Environmental Consultant in agriculture and thoroughly enjoying my first four months. I have project management experience from a consultancy role but never received formal training and love that this course is focussed on conservation projects. 

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Recent Comments

Oct 27, 2021

Thank you very much Léa and everyone at WildTeam!

Lovely to know there are so many amazing people standing up for wildlife across the world. 

Take care, 


Oct 22, 2021

When working on projects for Natural England in the past, they have rigorous naming standards. I soon understood why and that second language made sharing documents and resolving issues much easier!

A simple example from this week is a colleague who has recently joined the team and desperately needed photos to submit a report today. Some of the team were on annual leave, but she wasn't aware of the central filing system for conservation work photos.  I think it showed a gap in the handover process into her new role, and thankfully we could point her in the right direction quickly. 

Sep 28, 2021

Hi Emily! I work for lancs wildlife trust and I am thrilled you are joining in the Big Wild Walk. If you want to chat it'll be wonderful to keep each other motivated :)