Sophie Ledger

Living Planet Report Fellow, ZSL

About Sophie Ledger

Hello! I'm currently working at ZSL on a few projects (post Living Planet Report production) with the Living Planet Index team and the WWF Netherlands offices. Prior to this I was working within elephant conservation and managing Illegal Wildlife Trade projects within Angola. My conservation career has been quite diverse as I have very broad interests and I learned in this field you really have to make the most of any opportunity! I started as a field ecologist working on wildlife disease management on the Badger vaccination programme. After that I worked on assessing extinction risks of invertebrate groups for IUCN Red List projects. Love inverts! Especially butterflies! That lead me into working with historical specimens, the fun of taxonomy, digitisation and curatorial research projects. I've also worked with plants just to round it off - assessing extinction risks of Papua New Guinea Tree Ferns. I guess I have a "no taxa is discriminated against" kinda attitude! :) Looking forward to meeting some of you, learning about your interests and joining this lovely community!

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