Stella Diamant

Project Leader, Madagascar Whale Shark Project

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Recent Comments

Apr 02, 2021
Replying to Lindsey Elliott

Hi Stella, just a note to say that I love this (first!) blog, and I think your advice is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for sharing about your experience :)

Hi Lindsey, thanks for your note. I am glad you find it useful! 

Apr 02, 2021
Replying to Eva

Hi Stella! I don't have my own NGO but I can relate to a lot of things you say. After all these years working in the field in remote areas, I realized pure research sounds very romantic, but the challenge is to find a balance between a useful study and the goals of the NGO. Plus, keeping a humble attitude while standing your ground.

Lastly, flexibility and openness are key for me to be able to adapt to many different environments. To have this permanent learn-share state of mind is something you don't learn in the books :)

I wish you a lot of luck in your future endeavors and keep up the great work inspiring others!

Best wishes,


Hi Eva,

Thank you for your reply! Yes, so many more things to add, but definitely I agree that having this open flexible approach is so important, while being humble and aware that we don't know much or aren't entitled to anything either!

All the best to you :)

Dec 09, 2020

Hi Sophie! Thats super helpful thank you. I struggle with finding totally bilingual translators for translating documents, and often can't pay for it so I rely on volunteers. I was wondering if there is a conservation network like Upwork (which I didn't know about, its awesome!) but for people wanting to volunteer their skills in conservation? Ie. I really need a graphic designer for a few documents, but limited funds. It would be a great way for someone to gain experience and have an impact in conservation, potentially turn into a long-term collaboration? I also feel there are so many experts out there in these fields just wanting to help out but it seems difficult to find them. Just wondering if anyone knows of a network like this? Thanks!

Nov 20, 2020
Replying to Beth Robinson

This is a great idea, connections are so important. 

Sort of linked as you could call it networking, I thought some of you might be interested in this event on the 3rd December about burnout and resilience in conservation

Thanks Beth! I just signed up. Highly relevant in this field especially in this weird period.