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Hi everyone! 

Below is a short list of some networking opportunities: 

-My LinkedIn, if anyone would like to connect on there:

-I set up a Facebook group a while ago for anyone looking for conservation work/opportunities in the UK as I had found that there wasn't a page for beginners/recently graduated individuals in the conservation sector. That being said, it's open to everyone and any posts of your own are welcome! The page has been fairly quiet as of late, but I'm hoping to spark things up again lately and to include info about jobs, volunteering options etc...

I would love to hear about any volunteering opportunities anyone has going too! I'm currently based in Cornwall, in the South West of the UK, but am open to virtual/remote/online volunteering. 

Thanks everyone, best wishes! 

Kaitlyn Elverson

BSc Wildlife Conservation Graduate, .

Hello, I'm 23 and currently based in Cornwall, UK. I recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2019 with a BSc in Wildlife Conservation. My passion has always been marine conservation, and my goal is to pursue a career in the sector, with a focus on sustainability, marine education and research. I have a more general employment background of working with children and young adults on conservation themed projects and also on broader levels, fundraising and research and development. As a hobby, I sing, write and perform my own music and would love the opportunity to develop this passion into a side business alongside my conservation work. I am currently seeking entry level/graduate/intern positions and experience, preferably related to marine conservation, research or sustainability.
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Go to the profile of Samantha Reynolds
11 months ago

I'm also happy to connect on LinkedIn 

Go to the profile of Aurora Hood
11 months ago

Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks for posting, I'll be hopping on the FB group for sure. I'm actually doing some remote volunteering for a new UK-based charity which focuses on marine and coastal conservation education called Plover Rovers and I'm sure we could use more remote volunteers. I could always ask the "higher ups" about vacant positions if you'd like! The website is and they're also pretty active on social if you're curious.

Go to the profile of Ellie Strike
11 months ago

I am extremely interested in getting some remote volunteering work, particularly in marine and coastal conservation! I would love it if you could ask the "higher ups" about any positions or opportunities they have open! :) 

Go to the profile of Kaitlyn Elverson
11 months ago

Hi Aurora! Thanks for joining the group! I would love to join in on the volunteering too if possible, sounds like a great opportunity. I think I've seen/heard about them before, thank you for the link!

Go to the profile of Molly Heal
11 months ago

Thanks for this post - I've just set up a Linkedin!

and I've been trying to use Twitter more, but I'm still getting used to it -

Go to the profile of Kaitlyn Elverson
11 months ago

Thanks Molly! Accepted your request, thank you for getting involved! 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
11 months ago

This is a great idea, connections are so important. 

Sort of linked as you could call it networking, I thought some of you might be interested in this event on the 3rd December about burnout and resilience in conservation

Go to the profile of Stella Diamant
11 months ago

Thanks Beth! I just signed up. Highly relevant in this field especially in this weird period. 

Go to the profile of Dominick Marra
11 months ago

Hey guys, I would also love to connect with everyone on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. My links are in my profile but can be found here too:

I fall into the "career-switcher" category having had a previous background in IT and more recently in sales (retail) and now looking to pursue marine conservation. I am flexible in my travels and feel like there is a lot more conservation work going on on the other side of the Atlantic. than there are here at home, but I'm open to go wherever an opportunity may take me. I hope that as I start to dip my feet into these waters that I too can assist others in pursuing their passions. The more of us there are that want to fight for the survival of this planet and the species that inhabit it, the more likely we are to succeed in it. I look forward to continuing to work with everyone in the weeks and hopefully months and years ahead.

Go to the profile of Beckie Garbett
11 months ago

Great idea! I'm really getting into using LinkedIn more! Here's my profile link Would love to connect! 

I'm also considering a career switch to marine conservation, and am also keen to expand upon my experience and skills in addressing the illegal wildlife trade. As a result, I've found a few resources that you might find useful. Here is a FREE course on behaviour change for conservation.

and here are some links to marine-based volunteer/training opportunities, but quite a few are paid-for opportunities:

Go to the profile of Kaitlyn Elverson
11 months ago

Hi Beckie, 
Great to know you're considering marine conservation, and thank you for all the resources, they are really helpful. I also would love to pursue a career in the marine sector, so if there is anything I can help with or just to chat, please just give me a shout! 
Good luck and all the best!