Hello! I'm Kaitlyn

Nice to meet you all.
Hello! I'm Kaitlyn

I'm 23, currently living in Cornwall, UK. I am a recent graduate of BSc Wildlife Conservation from Nottingham Trent University. My main passions are Marine Conservation and Sustainability; my goal is to continue my education and specialise into Marine Biology/Conservation in the near future. I assume like many others, this year has been a tough one for me work-wise. I've joined some amazing organisations as a volunteer, but unfortunately no relevant employed work. My hopes for this course are that it will provide me with valuable project management and leadership knowledge and skills that will help me get that first conservation job (and fingers crossed my dream job in the future). I look forward to the course and hearing all your journey's and experience. Best wishes, Kaitlyn. 


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over 1 year ago

Welcome Kaitlyn! I'm from Cornwall too :) We always seem to have a handful of Cornwall based people on this training. Look forward to chatting in the live sessions. B