Higa-onon Tribe in Southern Philippines facing challenges

Please find a video by our new member Datu Lanelio Sangcoan, Founding Chairman of Tribes and Natures Defenders in the Philippines, asking our community for help.

Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc. is a Tribal-Led Non-Government Organisation based in the Philippines. Datu is their Founding Chairman and Tribal Leader. They have partnered with international Donors and funders such as Australian Aid, Onaway Trust, First Peoples World Wide and Franciscan Italy since 2007.

"As of now we are suffering of hunger due to the covid 19. We are now in total lock down for almost 5 months. Tribal members are always looking for foods in the forest but in these 5 months the foods have all gone. We are now planting crops but we need to wait until 4 months. Our kids and elders are dying.. we need Emergency Relief Goods Support to save the tribes in forest." 

Priorities: health care and food security 

Any projects to protect the remaining sacred forest and the Tribes will be appreciated. Our tribal led nonprofit organization would be happy if we become partners on the ground in protecting the remaining sacred forest, wildlife and culture. 

Please get in touch with Datu, if you are able to share your connections, expertise (e.g. on crowd-funding) and/or funding with his organisation. 

Contact details: Ancientculture@yahoo.com.ph 

Website: https://tribalkeeper.webs.com/

Vision: We envision a community where  indigenous peoples around the world regardless of gender,  beliefs, cultures and status, live a healthy and peaceful life, working together to pursue democratic and participatory management of our economic, political, cultural well being and responsibility of nurturing our environmental resources to contribute to both local and national efforts towards sustainable peace and economic development.

Mission: Empower the children, women and men of the Indigenous Peoples Communities of Philippines through tribal education, healthcare, environmental protection and sustainable community development  that changes lives ; rehabilitate and protect the environment; promote their rights to self determination, intercultural appreciation and respect; ensure the self governance, and ownership of the  Indigenous peoples Ancestral Domain lands; respect their culture and tradition; ensure equal treatment of the community and participation on the involvement of men and women in implementing sustainable integrated area development and ensure equal access to and control of its corresponding resources and activities.


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almost 2 years ago

Dear Datu Lanelio Sangcoan,

Thank you for sharing the troubles facing your community during this time of hardship. I write to you as I am currently affiliated to the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), based in Chiang Mai Thailand. AIPP is an Indigenous Peoples Organisation and works across South and Southeast Asia, including in the Philippines. Katribu, the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, the BAI Indigenous Women's Network and several other national Philippine Indigenous Organisations are members. There are several avenues we can explore to provide assistance to you and your community.
I will be writing an email shortly to introduce you to some of my colleagues so we can better understand the details of your situation and together plan the best way to move forward according to the needs of your community.

I will write an email to the address you have provided above in due time. Thank you for reaching out here and thank you for your patience.
We will be in touch.