Consultant needed: Zero Poaching Framework Review

Dear all, 
The Six Pillars (Community, Capacity, Prosecution, Technology, Cooperation, Assessment) zero poaching framework was conceived in 2014 during the Zero Poaching Symposium, attended by numerous conservation organizations and government representatives. The goal was to provide a holistic solution to poaching by implementing the best tools and practices. A review team of conservation organizations has come together to reassess the framework in light of today's conservation landscape, including terminology. The review will also consider interlinkages with cross-cutting elements such as gender diversity, human rights, and social safeguards that impact wildlife crime prevention at the site level. The objective of the framework is to assist conservation organizations, protected area agencies, and donors in implementing or supporting effective wildlife crime prevention interventions at the site level. 
The review team is seeking a consultant to oversee the review process in line with the attached Terms of Referenc

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV, a one-page proposal, and budget to


For any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
20 days ago

Thanks for sharing this opportunity Rohit! What is the location of this post? 

Perhaps this opportunity is of interest to your networks @Reshu Bashyal and @Kumar Paudel , and @Sushila Pandit - thanks for spreading the word. 

Go to the profile of Sushila Pandit
20 days ago

Thanks @Thirza Loffeld - not an expert on the topic. Oops :) 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
19 days ago

No worries Sushila and thanks for sharing about the CBA18 conference with WildHub :) 

Go to the profile of Reshu Bashyal
17 days ago

Thank you, Thirza, for the mention. Good to know about this framework - will have a look into it and see if I am fit to the call. Also, glad to be connected with Rohit and Sushila (I already know Kumar).

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
14 days ago

You're most welcome Reshu. Hope all is well with you, Kumar and Greenhood Nepal!