10% For the Ocean - Grants & Ocean Recovery Network

Micro-grants for small, locally focused ocean conservation organizations and projects, to lead to robust support through Ocean Superfund
10% For the Ocean - Grants & Ocean Recovery Network

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10% For the Ocean is a UK-based, ocean-focused charity with a goal of increasing philanthropic funding for ocean conservation from less than one percent to 10%. 

Please check out these upcoming consultation sessions, designed to solicit feedback from potential grantees, and available globally and in 5 languages. 

Selected grantees will become part of the Ocean Recovery Network; additional funds raised will then be distributed equally to members of the network. 

Please sign up to listen in and provide feedback on the new strategy and the application process. I am an advisory Board Member, but this is a pro bono role, so I have limited capacity to answer questions.


Register here:

🇬🇧 English 24th April at 8am BST https://lnkd.in/dcUDN9Zc
🇬🇧 English 24th April at 12pm BST https://lnkd.in/duMfFhMP
🇬🇧 English 29th April 4pm BST https://lnkd.in/dPfmcYE2
🇫🇷 French 30th April at 2pm BST https://lnkd.in/dCtnyhPq
🇪🇸 Spanish 2nd May at 3pm BST https://lnkd.in/d-TYjnMF
🇵🇹 Portuguese 7th May at 2pm BST https://lnkd.in/dD-ervfs

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3 months ago

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! 

My pleasure!