Allen Coral Atlas - New Maps Complete!

A global mapping effort using machine learning and satellite imagery to consistently map all shallow tropical coral reefs.
Allen Coral Atlas - New Maps Complete!

Exciting news from the Allen Coral Atlas! We have completed three new mapping regions: Great Barrier Reef & Torres Strait, Western Australia, Central Indian Ocean! This brings us to over 337,000 km2 mapped and counting.

Because the Atlas is based on a global machine learning process and high resolution satellite imagery, all regions will be mapped consistently and are therefore globally comparable. This will fill data gaps in some of the world's most remote reefs, and enhance our ability to assess coral reef protection.

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Regions coming up:

  • South China Sea
  • Philippines
  • Southeastern Asia
  • Southeastern Caribbean
  • Mesoamerica

  Please give us feedback! 

 Because the maps aim to provide global and consistent coverage, you’ll find they are more suited to a larger scale (on the order of 10s -100s of meters).  Please submit any identified errors with suggested corrections to including:

  • Copy the URL 
  • Suggestion for correction/s
  • Possibly include: Reef name(s), Coordinates and/or a georeferenced polygon (in kml, shapefile, or JSON format); detailed  explanation of the error; any relevant field data

 Although not all changes are guaranteed to be implemented, feedback helps to improve the automated mapping algorithm and will improve our overall accuracy.

Need Support? We can help you use the Allen Coral Atlas!

Please contact our team at so we can learn more about applications and impacts of the Atlas! 

All the best,

 The Allen Coral Atlas Team

 Overview: The Allen Coral Atlas was conceived and funded by Vulcan Inc., a private company founded by Jody Allen and the late Paul Allen with a mission to make and leave the world a better place. The Atlas brings together a team of dedicated scientists, technologists, and conservationists, using one-of-a-kind methodologies. The Arizona State University Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science leads the Atlas strategy and management, pioneers the reef monitoring system, and creates techniques to process high-resolution satellite imagery provided by the Earth-imaging company, Planet. Atlas partners at the University of Queensland Remote Sensing Research Centre lead the coral reef mapping component of the project, and partners from the National Geographic Society work to engage a broad range of users to successfully adopt the Atlas tools. The Atlas aims to provide high-resolution, up-to-date global maps of the world’s coral reefs, and a monitoring system to track changes in coral reefs over time. These and other emerging products of the Allen Coral Atlas support coral reef science, management, conservation, and policy around the world.


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10 months ago

Hi Zoe, congrats on completing three new mapping regions! Amazing work and thanks for sharing the update with our community and opportunity to contribute feedback. I have added your post to the Marine conservation room, so that members who have opted-in for this room will be notified per email of your new post. Feel free to change the location of your post by clicking on the 'edit' button below your post's header. Hope you're well and have a nice weekend! Best, Thirza

Congratulations Zoe, this Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) tool is the outcome of some amazing collaboration!