Earth to Humans podcast: Sylvia Earle!

Calling all conservation optimists! Have your hope-ometer reloaded by none other than Dr Sylvia Earle! She's always been my hero but after this episode my mind is blown by how ridiculously inspirational she is. Enjoy!
Earth to Humans podcast: Sylvia Earle!
In the first episode of the new season, we dive down into the deep waters of the ocean, a place where today’s guest has spent a considerable part of her life, swimming alongside the #ocean’s many flora and fauna. Oh yes, our guest is none other than Dr Sylvia A. Earle!
We talk octopus intelligence 🐙, empathy in science 🔬 and reasons why there is still so much reason to hope (even though everything seems really bad). She thinks we humans can overcome the mountain of our #environmental negligence, and after this interview, we might be inclined to believe her.

Listen here:


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about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing, Hannah! I've enjoyed listening to previous seasons and look forward to hearing what's next.