Event: Peat-Fest 29 May !

Organized by youth activist group RE-PEAT, Peat-Fest is the original and only 24-hour online festival completely dedicated to peat. This year, we invite you to dive deep into the peat with us for Peat-Fest 2021, to  held the entirety of the 29th of May (midnight to midnight British Summer Time)
Event: Peat-Fest 29 May !

The theme we chose for this year's event is The In-Between. Peatlands as an ecosystem are in between the terrestrial and aquatic. They are also 'in between' in time, with such a deep past (often existing for many thousands of years) and a future that is largely determined by the decisions we make in the coming years. Through The In-Between we wish to nuance the narrative surrounding peatlands and facilitate multi-faceted exploration of this ecosystem.

The programme embodies this theme, consisting of a 24-hour curated live event which will include a variety of discussions, talks, brainstorms, workshops, readings, games and much more, that apply various approaches and disciplines to the peatland discourse. These sessions will be complemented by a collaborative exhibition space displaying pre-selected photo collections, short films, articles, etc. The entire festival will be hosted on a digital community platform called Circle, where people will have plenty of opportunity to get to know one another, share about any projects they are involved in while discovering new projects in the broader peat world.

Peat-Fest is freely accessible for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. However, donations (as big or small as people can afford) are very much appreciated, since RE-PEAT’s members are all working hard on a voluntary basis to make this event and future ones possible. 

At RE-PEAT, we combine collaboration, education and a process of re-imagination to shift the peatland paradigm and push for peatland restoration and preservation. We envision Peat-Fest to be a gathering of people from all around the world in order to exchange ideas, co-create knowledge and learn from each other. Whether they be peat scientists, local stakeholders, young people, artists, general peat enthusiasts... and YOU!

Get tickets here: Peat-Fest 2021 Tickets, Sat, May 29, 2021 at 12:00 AM | Eventbrite

And check out the programme below! 👇