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My name is Jamie Walker, and I am a 2nd year biology undergraduate at the University of Oxford. I am also part of Re-Peat, who I'm representing on this platform!

RE-PEAT is an international youth-led organisation, with members in the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Estonia. Some of us study peatlands at a university level, some of us work with peat "in the field", and many of us are simply peat enthusiasts.

Peatlands are the largest terrestrial carbon store, clean our drinking water, help mitigate flooding, preserve astonishing archaeological remains, and provide a habitat for rare species with fascinating adaptations to the particular conditions of peatlands. Despite all this, peatlands are often overlooked (did you know peatlands are found in 180 countries?) or worse, they are deliberately degraded: 15% of peatlands worldwide have been drained, with the number much higher in some countries. Degraded peatlands are not able to provide the ecosystem services listed above, which rely on a water table that is high for the majority of the time.

Our goal is to push for a 'peatland paradigm shift', where the perception of peatlands by the public, decision-makers and stakeholders moves from 'empty wasteland' to 'fascinating, precious ecosystem'. We aim to do this through a strategy incorporating three main strands: education, collaboration, and an active process of re-imagining. 

Peat-Fest is the perfect example of this strategy in action, and it's just around the corner on the 29th May! Peat-Fest is a 24hr online festival, with participants from all over the world, completely dedicated to peatlands! You can expect awesome talks - such as Peter McCoy, founder of Radical Mycology, talking on the fungi of peatlands, and world-expert on peatlands Hans Joosten - as well as games, the 'bog exhibition', and an opportunity to connect with other attendees and others in the peat world! 

If this sounds cool then register for tickets here: Peat-Fest 2021 Tickets, Sat, May 29, 2021 at 12:00 AM | Eventbrite I can't wait to see some of you there!!

I, and everyone at Re-Peat, are looking forward to connecting with individuals and groups in the wider conservation world through WildHub. Thanks for having us :) 

Meet the rest of the Re-Peat team here: RE-PEAT members | RE-PEAT


Student, Re-Peat

Re-Peat is a youth-led collective pushing for a paradigm shift in the way that peatlands are perceived and treated by society. We aim to achieve this through three primary avenues: education, collaboration and a process of re-imagining.

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Go to the profile of Brian Martin
4 months ago

Welcome to WildHub Jamie, my work field also consider a peat swamp that facing the same pressure, as you know mostly by Palm oil and mining, now while we doing croc conservation we planned and design a rewilding program through our site, I hope we can discuss more peat restoration and how to protect the area, regards from Borneo-Indonesia! Thanks, Brian

Go to the profile of Jamie
4 months ago

Nice to meet you Brian and thanks for sharing your work! That is really exciting to hear that you are helping to protect peatlands. At Peat-Fest we have a session dedicated to peatlands in South East Asia which you might be interested in attending. I will send you through a description of the event with timings later today if you like. Thanks! Jamie

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
4 months ago

Hi Jamie! A warm welcome to the WildHub community! Thanks very much for introducing yourself and the Re-Peat collective - your Peat Fest sounds amazing. Feel free to dedicate a second post to promoting your Peat Fest (tip - use "Event: Peat Fest 29 May" in the title). If you publish the Peat Fest post before this Friday, I can add it to our bi-weekly WildHub Highlights newsletter if you like, which will go out at the end of the week. Hope it will be a big success and shine some much-needed attention on the importance of peatlands! 

Go to the profile of Jamie
4 months ago

Thank you so much Thirza, it's a pleasure to join the community!

That would be great regarding the Peat-Fest promotion - I will write a dedicated post with that title to promote Peat-Fest and if you can include it in WildHub Highlights newsletter that would be so so awesome thank you so much! Best wishes , Jamie

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
4 months ago

Wonderful! Thanks Jamie & I will make sure to include your Peat-Fest post.