Facilitating Organisational Change

This webinar recording was part of the Organisational Resilience Festival 2022, hosted by FFI and WCS. 
Facilitating Organisational Change

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Presenter: Marianne Carter, FFIs Director of Conservation Capacity and Leadership

This webinar was part of the Organisational Resilience Festival 2022, hosted by FFI and WCS. 

Session Outline & Highlights:

  • Overview of available tools for handling organisational changes (e.g. Mind Tools)
  • Organisations constantly change because they are dynamic 
  • Important to discuss changes as they happen 
  • Change management involves looking at wider picture not just direct impact(s) of change 
  • Types of change: incremental; transformative
  • How goals can be defined 
  • External and internal factors that drive change 
  • Realistic expectations about what change process involves (time, etc.) 
  • Think about leadership capacity; middle management capacity; employee capacity 
  • Pay attention to factors that might not be visible to everybody (such as values of an organisation) 
  • Need open lines of communication 
  • Celebration is key in the process  
  • Reflect on past changes to help as you go through more 
  • Keep your ‘why’ in mind 
  • Address concerns as they arise 
  • Sometimes the little changes can make a big difference (example story provided)
  • Importance of diversity, experimentation, etc.  

This webinar was made possible through funding by Arcadia –a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

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Thank you for sharing this useful resource, Chloe and Marianne! 

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