Free Training! 7 Steps to Find Your Wildlife Biology Career Path

I'm Dr. Stephanie Schuttler and I am a wildlife biologist with 17 yrs of experience.

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I'm offering a free training next Monday (the 30th) on my experiences on the job market, how to find your own career path, and how to become competitive for the job you want. After my degree, I found that it wasn't so straightforward. I hope you can join me!

Stephanie Schuttler

Wildlife Biologist and Science Communicator, Fancy Scientist

I am a wildlife biologist and science communicator. My research lays at the intersection of mammal ecology, citizen science, and education. I founded and run, a site dedicated to connecting people to science and nature, breaking stereotypes of scientists, and empowering scientists. If you’re a scientist or scientist-to-be, you’ll find lots of resources to guide you through this career.
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