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Hello fellow environmentalists

I hope everyone is well. I'll not say much about myself, just share one area of can we use the connecting with nature as a vehicle to rethinking how we live our lives? Learning about nature and enjoying in nature are important, however, we go back to daily lives (at least many of us do) that are hugely disconnected from our utter reliance on nature for our survival. Knowing about and enjoying nature are not enough to save humanity from the result of destroying nature's delicate balance which sustains us. Looking forward to fruitful sharing of ideas.

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Richard Dawson

Director, Wild Awake

I am an educator and project manager with over 20 years practice in education for sustainable development and learning from nature. My focus is on helping organisations to improve the quality of their learning provision for a sustainable future and enhance their ability to deliver projects effectively with lasting benefits. I have worked in over 30 countries with NGOs, government, business and civil society organisations. I established Wild Awake as a not-for-profit social enterprise. Its purpose is to develop and provide learning which inspires change towards a more sustainable planet, and support people to live healthy and happy lives which respect natural limits. It achieves this through providing learning which reconnects people with the natural world through first-hand experience. It brings educational expertise in terms of curriculum development, writing activities, training and consultancy in pursuit of this. I bring over 20 years of practical experience in the field of education, delivering a range of projects focusing on climate change and education for sustainable development. I have worked cross-sector with governments, civil society and academic partners to analyse, design and implement education programmes which address a sustainable future and empower people with hopeful solutions for their future. I bring a strong track record of delivering complex projects with diverse partners. This is supported by excellent technical knowledge of climate change, environmental management and sustainable development, backed by good communication skills to deliver effective messages. Specialties: Effective learning and teaching, education for sustainable development, organisational capacity building, strategic and project planning and management, learning from nature, training skills, effective communication, education management.
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12 months ago

Hi Richard, a warm welcome to WildHub and thanks for your introduction! You provided us with some good food-for-thought and I look forward to reading what other members would like to share on this topic. For me, having a small garden and creating a simple vegetable patch has already made a difference to maintaining some connecting to nature. But how to get others to act towards conservation goals, that's a different matter. For example, I saw this animation made by WWF yesterday (see link below). I look forward to reading your thoughts on their messaging.