Greetings everyone!

Can't wait for this course and meet everyone :)
Greetings everyone!

Hi all, my name's Liyana, you can call me Lena for short.

A simple intro, I am a Conservation Officer/ Marine Conservationist for a non profit agency, the Marine Research Foundation, based in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, where we specialise in marine environmental studies and conservation. One of my key role is being the Project Coordinator for the Turtle Excluder Device (TEDs) Project in Malaysia to reduce the accidental catch of endangered sea turtles in shrimp fisheries, focusing towards sustainable fisheries. 

I have an MSc in Oceanography from the University of Southampton, and was an Environmental Consultant, specialising in marine environmental studies for the oil and gas industry before transitioning to the conservation world. It's only been a couple of years and I hope this training course will boost my career as project management is a crucial knowledge/skill in conservation. Can't wait to see everyone virtually in this training course!



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over 1 year ago

Hello Lena, sounds like an interesting job, look forward to hearing more. B