Hello everyone, 

My name is Kirsty, I am based in Newcastle. I finished my MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh in 2019 and my BSc in Business and Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire in 2010- although neither are directly related to the environment! Following a career in the Events industry, I began working with International Development Charities, mainly working in India, but also Bangladesh and Kenya. My roles have been mostly in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Training and Development, Knowledge Sharing, Capacity Building and Project Managaement. I have been passionate about engaging and protecting the environment for many years and was hopeing to shift my career from human development to a more symbiotic focus where both the environment and humans thrive in a few years time when my career was more established, but the pandemic meant that my next two contracts in Kenya and South Africa and I havent worked since March, so I am taking this opportunity to retrain and develop my skills to change my career now instead! 

Whilst I already have some project management skills, I am looking forward to understanding the specific characteristics in relation to Wildlife Conservation, but also meeting like minded people who are pursuing careers in the field to begin developing a network of contacts too. Cannot wait to meet everyone and get started!  


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over 1 year ago

Welcome Kirsty! Good to meet you in the live session yesterday.