Hello, Scott here

Hello, Scott here

Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center Website

Hey, I hope this note finds everyone well.

I am a conservation biologist, currently working on the Island of Java, Indonesia for a Wildlife Rescue Center. In my role as Project Manager, I am responsible for projects related to improving center sustainability and community engagement. The projects include an organic vegetable production farm, composting facility, native tree nursery and well water infrastructure improvements. All but the well water infrastructure improvement project are operational.

My primary areas of interest include multifunctional land management, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation, all of which coalesce around the idea of the matrix. I'm adamant that we can develop and foster land-use practices that provide communities with sustainable livelihoods, whilst conserving local and regional biodiversity.

I decided to join WildHub primarily because of the networking and potential funding opportunities. I look forward to e-meeting you all at some point and thank you for the amazing and necessary work that you do.




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about 3 years ago

Hi Scott, a warm welcome to WildHub - it's lovely to have you join our community! Thanks for sharing about your important work at Cikananga. For network and grant opportunities, you can find a "watch" button in the respective channel and room (left-side of the photo banner) which will keep you updated of new content by email. 

Network opportunities: https://wildhub.community/channels/2518-network-opportunities

Grant opportunities: https://wildhub.community/rooms/948-grant-opportunities

We also have an activity that may be of interest to you, named WildHub Fika, which is a monthly informal network opportunity to get to know our members. More information on what this entails and how to sign up can be found via this link: