Hello there!

My name is Josue but you can call me Yoshi (like the dinosaur from Mario).
Hello there!

I'm an Ecuadorian wildlife biologist, mainly with working experience with birds and using mist-nets for all type of studies. I recently finished an MSc. in Ecology, with main work in Behavioral Ecology, in Edmonton, Canada. I have worked mainly in the research of predator-prey and population dynamics between different species of raptors.

Besides my passion for birds of prey and love for nature, I'm also an experienced archer and a recently certified archery coach in Canada.

Currently, I am living in Ohio supporting my wife doing an MFA and waiting for the residency process to go through. So, I am in transition mode between grad programs. I am looking into a Ph.D. program in Conservation but that is still to be defined.

I would like to focus my future work on Conservation and biodiversity monitoring mainly in my home country, Ecuador. I have close to no experience managing a project outside of academic research so I’m very excited to start this workshop and looking forward to meeting you all and to have amazing worldwide networking. 


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about 1 year ago

Great to have you on the training Yoshi! B

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12 months ago

Hi Yoshi,

I'd be interested to know more about your work on bird behaviour; I work in conservation management now, but I wrote my MSc dissertation on nest defence behaviour in blue tits, and I still enjoy reading about behaviour when I can! I also have a passion for raptors, so I'd be very interested to hear about your work.


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12 months ago

Hi John,

Thank you so much for reaching out! I would love to chat and talk about birds' behaviour and raptors!

Send me an email and we can get together in a video call. I would love to hear about your experience working with conservation management. 

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12 months ago

My email is arteagat@ualberta.ca