Resources to learn to code (R)

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Resources to learn to code (R)

Hi Everybody!

I'm Josue (a.k.a. Yoshi) and recently just finished the PMWC workshop and I wanted to start a thread sharing R coding resources. 

I notice that there is a few people related to research in our workshop and everybody was at different stages of the process to learn coding R. 

Here I'm leaving a resource I found to learn R in Rstudio with a package that has a very solid tutorial that takes you over everything.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions if you are knowledgeable about coding and statistical analysis. I'm currently in the process to learn Python and because I have some background with R the learning curve is not as bad. 


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11 months ago


Great idea, thanks very much for posting this, it's is a good reminder for me to get back in to learning R again! I have a whole folder of bookmarked resources I've been meaning to check out: (apparently this one will be "your last ever bookmark") (not sure if this is still an active site, but including incase it starts up again) (small programming puzzles!) (someone's personal coding 'road map')

If you're on Twitter there are some great accounts sharing tips etc., too.

Cheers, and happy coding!