Who should I listen to?

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I know that this might be outside of the PMWC but, is my direct boss or the boss of my boss the one I should follow directions from. 

For example, let's assume I'm a Workstream member and I receive a direct order from the project manager that goes in a different direction than the activity given by the Workstream leader. Should I follow the new command that is coming from a higher point in the chain of command?

I wanted to hear your thoughts on this matter...

Also, turkeys have a very complex social structure but very structured like a project Roles and Lines Management. This is a group of turkeys my father-in-law keeps feeding every day in SW Colorado. He keeps telling me I should do a study with them! 

Josue D Arteaga-Torres

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Ecuadorian established in the USA. MSc. in Behavioral Ecology. Worked with animal behaviour in Birds and main focus on predator-prey interactions.
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8 months ago

I believe if you want to stick to the PMWC structure. You would need to talk to the workstream manager about your concern with the different direction the instructions from the project manager will take your work package. And let your workstream manager confirm the changes with the project manager and they will give you instructions to adapt your work as appropriate.

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8 months ago

Cool re turkeys! Maybe I can try and weave this into a future training video :) Interesting question, and one that surely brings it owns people politics. My inclination in that example is to have a chat with your direct line manager to bring up the issue, they can then talk to their line manager to try and iron things out. It may be that the line manager at the top of this situation then tell the workstream leader to follow their guidance, that will then be passed on to the workstream member, if that makes sense?