Hi, I am Camille

Hello everyone,  My name is Camille, I am a PhD student at Bar-Ilan University (Israel).

I work on social network dynamics under changing ecological conditions. I fit proximity loggers on wild rock hyraxes in the Judean desert to model their social interactions over time and rely on camera traps to collect behavioral data and monitor predators activity on my study sites. As my description suggests, I have strong backgrounds in designing experiments, collecting data and analyzing complex datasets.

My initial career plan was to get involved in Conservation NGOs which motivated my choice to do a PhD after my Master. But after 3 years studying rock hyraxes, I feel like employers see me as an unexperienced student who just got out of school and that they do not consider me as a potential project manager, despite a few experiences in project management prior to my doctorate.

I decided to join this PMWC workshop to gain the certification so that my profile will be considered more seriously when I apply for a position, especially abroad.

I am looking forward to take this class with all of you all!


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over 1 year ago

Hello Camille! Hope you enjoy the training workshop and it helps with your career. Rock hyraxes are amazing animals!