Introducing me ...

Introducing me ...

Very pleased to be part of this gang. 

I was a police officer in the UK and served 25 years before having a change of heart and retraining as a Guide. I've worked in many countries around the world, taking people up Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu but also working on three-month long expeditions in Borneo on conservation projects. I have truly been touched by the beauty on Earth, its people, animals and environments. 

During 18 years as a guide, I have witnessed massive deforestation and changes in environments and loss of bio-diversity. I have written on this in magazines and published my own fiction novel, Stonechild, where the famous statues of London come to life with their serious message on saving the planet.

I am pleased to see things ramping up such as sites like Wildhub, the momentum of the youth movement and more and more people expressing the need for change, which I believe will come. Big businesses are changing, governments will be forced to act and we are good at innovation and so I am positive for the eventual outcome. Reaching equality on all levels will also be the key. 



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10 months ago

Welcome to WildHub, Kevin!

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10 months ago

Thanks, Lara!

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10 months ago

A warm welcome to our community, Kevin! Thanks for sharing about your background and I look forward to learning more about your recent work during your WildHub Festival session this November!