Protecting Animals & Nature in Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel Trade Association / ANIMONDIAL course for travel and tourism professionals. A thorough overview of this increasingly important topic including: avoiding business risks, aligning product offer, identifying/mitigating negative impacts, maximising benefits, and managing integration.
Protecting Animals & Nature in Adventure Travel

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This course provides a deep-dive into animal- and nature-based tourism, guidance on how to navigate its complexity, and the tools required to mitigate risk, safeguard clients, protect local livelihoods, and ensure best practice. Delivered by the animal protection tourism specialists, ANIMONDIAL, regarded as the leading experts in responsible animal tourism, you could not be in better hands. Through this course, expect to access tools to help you distinguish appropriate animal-based products from inappropriate activity, guidance on how to create your animal protection commitment and engage stakeholders, and impartial advice on how to overcome industry challenges.

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
8 months ago

Thanks for sharing, David. Could you make the link functional so it doesn't have to be copy/pasted into a browser?

Go to the profile of David Jay
8 months ago

Thanks Lara - I hadn't spotted that was a manual thing. Now I know!