Shrill Carder Bee Conservation Strategy

Evaluation of strategy
Shrill Carder Bee Conservation Strategy

Assessment of Shrill Carder Bee Conservation Strategy:

In line with principles, in particular when looking up and looking forward is looking at both negative and positive impact of government bills as a result of Brexit.

2 day strategy development with all stakeholders – Were landowners and general public included in engaging stakeholders phase?

Threats and drivers were covered – Could have been more specific about groups who have disconnect to nature and are causing habitat loss (Behaviours).

Contributing factors is broadly covered but does not appear to have been looked at in detail.

They had looked at information gaps and carried out a full report on range and ecology of Carder Bee.

It does mention climate change in the introduction however the science then looks at habitat change due to rising temperatures and a gap that will need further research.

As this is an overarching strategy that will then lead onto smaller scale projects, Behaviours and contributing factors may be looked at in more detail at this point.

This was a very useful exercise!


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about 2 years ago

Great work Jane! Looks like an interesting strategy. I like how you have picked out that they could be more specific about groups. Glad it was a useful exercise. B