Technical question

Saving and undoing work in cells


A very dull technical question but, in the homework document, I have found that if I accidentally click and then type in someone else's cell I cannot undo the work (Apologies if this was you!) Is there a way that you can protect information written in a cell so that this does not happen on a project or undo as you would in word? I can imagine that important contributions can get lost quite easily this way.

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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
almost 3 years ago

Hello Jane, 

Sorry for my slow reply to this. Usually you can just un-do, as you would in word, so not sure why that isn't working. You can however, protect cells in google slides which is useful! Highlight the cells you want to protect, then right click and go to "protect range", from here you have the option to only let certain people edit or to add a warning. Happy to give a demo if you like? I could upload a video of this is you think it would be useful. 


Go to the profile of Jane Wigan
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Beth, will have a go. Sounds pretty straight forward.