Examples of approaches to behaviour change

Does anyone have any examples or links to some of these?
Examples of approaches to behaviour change

Dear All,

This week Lucy mentions that there are established models for encouraging behaviour change. This is an area that I am keen to learn more about, particularly with regard to changing attitudes towards nature in towns and cities. I thought it would be useful to put together a collection of these approaches below for those who would be interested in finding out more. I have added a link to a brief description of the iceberg model that I was introduced to when looking at systems thinking with regards to primary school education and sustainability.  The concept is similar to what we are currently working on. 


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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Jane, that is an interesting idea. 

Although a broad umbrella, social marketing has a lot of good ideas about ways to change behaviours. Diogo Veríssimo has written a lot about this in the context of conservation: http://www.diogoverissimo.com/

Some books on this topic I have really enjoyed are:

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Thinking fast, thinking slow by Daniel Kahneman

I would be interested to hear other people's thoughts. 

Go to the profile of Jane Wigan
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Beth, I will take a look at these. 

Go to the profile of Lucy Boddam-Whetham
almost 3 years ago

Great you have an interest in this Jane. The behaviour change approach has been used successfully in other areas such as public health and international development.

We based a lot of our theory on the work of Doug Mackenzie-Mohr's book - Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing. Seems its available as an online book. 


I also  just found this web page which looks to have some useful links - although I haven't checked them out. I would imagine the Rare link would be a good one.


Go to the profile of Jane Wigan
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Lucy, This will be a great starting point for further research.