#Sketch Your Conservation Project

Share what excites you about your conservation work! Lessons learned prompts below.
#Sketch Your Conservation Project

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Hi fellow creatives,

I love this drawing, thanks for creating and sharing it with our community! A WildHub member recently drew his vision of his ideal conservation project which shows us: environmental education is as important as working out there in the field and/or in science.

Post your quick doodle in the Art and Conservation room with # Sketch Your Conservation Project

Sketch Instructions:
Take 10 minutes to reflect on a conservation project you are or have worked on. What would this project look like as a doodle or sketch? Draw that image and take a photo. Post your sketch to the ‘Art and Conservation’ Room with the banner #Sketch Your Conservation Project and under your image share your lessons learned.

Please answer at least two of the three lessons learned attached to your sketch.

  • Which lessons learned can I share on this topic that could benefit the wider conservation community/people working on this topic?
  • What did I wish I would have known before I started working on this topic and could be useful to share with other professionals now?
  • Which piece of information on this topic do I feel is currently missing in the conservation sector?

* This exercise is based on a team of professional science communicators at the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Click the link to see examples of sketches and animated earth and space research projects to give you ideas about yours.


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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
almost 3 years ago

This exercise sounds fantastic! I look forward to seeing current/recent projects and the lessons attached.

Go to the profile of Carolyn Rosevelt, MSc
almost 3 years ago

Thank you Lara! I hope more members break out their pad and pencil and post!