Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation

Online training to build key conservation skills
Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation

Who is this for? Conservation professionals, early career starters and career-switchers. So far, we have trained over 800 conservationists from more than 60 countries, working for organisations such as the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Wildlife Trusts. You can see all of our graduates here.

When is it? 10th February to 17th March 2021 (6 weeks, 3 hours learning/week).

What will I learn? In this workshop you will be guided through each step in designing a comprehensive strategy for achieving your conservation goals. You will learn how to:

  • Apply key principles that lead to developing a stronger strategy
  • Engage stakeholders, to ensure that the right groups are involved in developing the strategy
  • Carry out a situation analysis, to better understand and document the current situation that the project team is trying to change
  • Define the impact the project team wants to achieve
  • Plan the work the project team will carry out to achieve the impact
  • Set a monitoring approach that will provide the project team with the information they need to assess the project’s impact and to adapt to changing conditions and new information.

Find out more about what you'll learn by clicking on the manual below:

What will my learning experience be like? You will learn through:

  • Pre-recorded videos sent out each week for you to learn from in your own time
  • Live expert-lead sessions every Wednesday. 2 live session times available (10.00am or 6.00pm GMT) to fit your schedule
  • If you miss a live session you can still watch it in your own time later on
  • A multiple-choice exam to help you focus your learning efforts and assess your own ability. On passing the exam you will get a certificate to show others (e.g. managers or potential employers) that you have attained this skill.

How much does it cost? The cost is £180/person but there are discount options available. More information is available here.

How do I sign up? Click on this link.