Wildhub Festival Recording: Inclusive Conservation

Watch this recording of our panel discussion on the topic of Inclusive Conservation

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We had a wonderful and rich discussion during the Wildhub Festival on the topic of Inclusive Conservation.  Another huge thank you to our panelists for sharing their experience, knowledge and guidance on this topic.  We hope to continue these discussions in the future.  Here was our full panel of experts that joined us:

  • Ana Di Pangracio; Deputy Director and Biodiversity Coordinator, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
  • Moreangels Mbizah; Founder, Wildlife Conservation Action
  • Erim Gomez; Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology, University of Montana
  • Pamela Herrera; Community Outreach Program Manager, Macaw Recovery Network

Molly Maloy

Conservation Leadership Manager, Denver Zoo

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9 days ago

Is the google doc of resources available to those who couldn't watch live?