Simon Black

Lecturer in Conservation Science, University of Kent
Fanuel Nleya

trainer, southern african wildlife college

Elmontaserbellah Ammar

Species On The Map officer, Butterfly Conservation

Conservation scientist fascinating by all things nature. I have a particular interest in a multidisciplinary data science / machine learning approach to conservation.
Caitlin Melidonis

MSc Student, University of Kent

Abhishek Behl @🏠

Business Dev & Sustainability | ABN-AMRO Sanctuary Earth Awardee 07 | MSc @DICE_Kent | Also @WildNavigator @TravelingwithMS @Trav_Able | #RRMS Dx07 on DMD, Behl Consulting

I am interested in becoming a Wildlife Conservationist, researching wild mammal behaviour out in the field. I have a degree in Biological Sciences, Trained with London Wildlife Trust for 3 months, completed Project Management for Wildlife Conservationists course with WildLearning, volunteered and interned at Colchester Zoo, volunteered at Wildlife sense as a Field Researcher for turtles, and managed two successful fundraising projects.

I'm currently looking for any field experience I can get with mammals, whether that be in Kent, England or internationally.

Sarah Humphrys

Co-Founder, AimHi Earth

Hello! I'm a Conservationist with a background in anthropology and a passion for delving into cross-cultural relationships with the environment.

Right now, my main focus is my work with AimHi Earth, the education-to-action organisation on a mission to equip people and organisations with the essential understanding, skills and ideas needed to overcome the climate and nature crisis and ensure a healthier, fairer, more prosperous future.

Ahmad Isa Ansyori

Program Implementation Coordinator, Rare

Louise Masters

Conservation Biology graduate, DICE, University of Kent

I have recently graduated from DICE with an MSc in Conservation Biology. I have a particular interest in the conservation of herpetofauna and carried out research in the UK on slow-worm use of refugia for my MSc dissertation and I also worked in Jersey looking at agile frog habitat suitability. I have a background in local government technology and project management and currently work in this field.
Soham Pattekar

Project officer - species conservation, WWF-India

I am a conservation biologist with research interests in population and behavioural ecology of large mammals.
Blaise Ebanietti

MSc student , University of Kent-Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology

MSc Conservation Biology student at the University of Kent with a particular interest in promoting human-wildlife coexistence. Actively searching for employment and/or research opportunities.