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Director , Dialogue Matters

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Aug 19, 2020

Hi Hannah, we co-produced new knowledge with young people living with deprivation, about access to the benefits of being in nature at the coast commissioned by NE -  that might be one of the reports you are looking at but if not I can send it to you.  The young people were very clear on barriers and potential solutions - many of which apply regardless of coast or not.  Some of what they shared was profoundly moving.  To create the new knowledge with them we first used new mixed social science and participation method, went to a deprived area and then selected ways of meeting with young people who were living with additional levels of deprivation or barriers.  In the second round of engagement we used our own Creative Horizon event - an approach in which participants take charge of the agenda - what they want to talk about and how to express that.   We have found more generally in our Stakeholder Dialogue work that there are certain groups that are hard to reach: people caring (for kids, elderly or other needs),  different abilities, ethnic groups, any age living with deprivation, education barriers eg working with some fishers who were not fluent in reading and writing so felt scared to be involved with 'educated types'.  Anyway if you want to chat about this then email me diana.pound@dialoguematters.co.uk