Camille Lasbleiz

Founder, Primate Odyssey
Caroline Racape

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Welcome to my profile! I'm a French national living in London driven by an unrelenting passion for the conservation of African wildlife. In 2018, after seven years in business development, sales and consulting, I decided to put my flair for building and cultivating relationships at the service of the non-profit sector. I dedicated a year and a half to wildlife conservation - meeting with local NGOs and communities. It gave me the opportunity to dive deep into the complex issues of conservation : habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, poaching, trafficking, deforestation, water pollution, erosion, drought and lack of community empowerment. I'm a strong advocate of integrating wildlife conservation with sustainable development, recognising the superior knowledge of local and indigenous peoples as guardians of their own environments, and offering them resources to keep their own lands under their own control. I attended conservation auctions and events and met donors and investors to better understand how the conservation sector addressed the lack of funding. It led me to conduct my own research and design strategies on how corporate giving can benefit both brands and conservation organisations. I also focused on emerging technologies, research and experimental management which are a key part of wildlife conservation. A few months ago at GSMA, I contributed to a landscaping research that captured and documented global trends, innovations and examples of best-practices in Natural Resource Management (NRM). Ultimately, the aim was to identify synergies between the private sector, governments, tech innovators and the international development community with a view to foster long-term collaboration. The Covid-19 pandemic has created disruptions to the way conservation works. The suspension of global travel has altered tourism revenues - affecting biodiversity conservation efforts and local livelihoods. Fundraising and tourism are the lifeblood of African conservation and since there are not enough viable options to benefit from wildlife beyond tourism yet, fundraising is more critical than ever. I'm currently looking for an opportunity within an organisation operating in Sub-Saharan Africa to build innovative and strategic corporate partnerships based on CSR, corporate giving and employee engagement.
Chewe Chiti

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Maureen Kinyanjui

Community Livelihood Manager / PhD candidate , Elephants and Bees Research Center

I am a Conservation Scientist currently working in Sagalla Kenya in a community experiencing conflicts with elephants. I am implementing an integrated livelihood project focusing on improving food security, increasing drought resilience and reducing human-elephant conflict. My main role is to increase tolerance towards elephants and encourage community understanding and participation in elephant conservation efforts. I have an MA in Sociology, MSc in Conservation and Rural Development from The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) 2017-2018, University of Kent. I am starting my PhD this year (2020) at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Geosciences. My research will analyse how planned human interventions interact with other drivers of change within social-ecological systems and how this influences human behaviour and their perception of elephants.
Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. For several years, I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. These programmes are aimed at building conservation capacity and promoting stewardship. I currently conduct my PhD research on the professional development of conservation professionals and work as Community Manager at WildHub.
Dinda Prayunita

Program Development Officer (Terrestrial and Water Program), The Nature Conservancy Indonesia

Banet-Eugene Sarah

Wildlife Conservationist, primatologist, Oxford Brookes University

Eden Plummer

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I am interested in becoming a Wildlife Conservationist, doing research on mammals out in the field. I have a degree in Biological Sciences, I have been on a Project Management for Wildlife Conservationists course with WildLearning, I've volunteered and interned at Colchester Zoo, been a volunteer Field Researcher at Wildlife Sense, and managed two successful fundraising projects. I have recently completed a traineeship with London Wildlife Trust and I'm looking for my first step as part of my career