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Comment on Hi I'm Jerry
May 31, 2020
Replying to Jennifer Cantlay

Hi Jerry, your career switch from energy to conservation is really interesting. I would be interested to know more about how you managed to make the transition. 

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your interest - I think I'm very much still in the transition to be honest. So far it has consisted of 6 months getting some short-term volunteer experiences (at the RSPB for example) and then doing a 1 year conservation MSc. Since then I have had a couple of internships (one on hold due to Covid) and a sort of paying project manager role, all for 6 months abroad - they seem to be slightly easier to obtain as stepping stones (I hope) to longer term employment in the sector. I've done a bit on marine plastics, so a link to the corporate world there, and longer term may well focus on areas linked to the energy sector - climate, marine/blue carbon, business and biodiversity etc - so as to leverage my previous industry experience.