Shelby Riggle

Senior Program Associate, Kinship Foundation

Cell Community Extension Officer, Albertine Rift Conservation Society ( ARCOS Network)

I am Theodore Nshimiyumuremyi, a graduate of Zoology and conservation from University of Rwanda. I am currently working as Community Extension Officer Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOSNetwork). I am highly interested in community outreach and development. I stand for fair and equitable interaction of nature and people.
Chewe Chiti

Currently unemployed, Currently Unemployed

Sihar Aditia Silalahi

Project Leader, Sawfish Project Indonesia

I am a fresh graduate student from IPB University, Indonesia, with a bachelor in Marine Sciences. I have a strong interest in conservation, specifically in Elasmobranch conservation for sharks and rays. I am planning to pursue higher learning in conservation and hoping to develop and manage Sawfish Project Indonesia as my first time to lead the conservation project. The project will be performed in Merauke, Indonesia, to find science-based information about the presence of Sawfish in Indonesia, to monitor the population distribution, and to identify means to reduce targets and bycatch of Sawfish there. My biggest ambition is to become a who is capable of combining both science and social approach to protect Elasmobranch species in Indonesia.
Pedro Miguel Gomes de Freitas

Conservation Biologist Looking For Opportunities, Unemployed

I am a Conservation Biologist actively looking for a job. Protecting wildlife is what drives me. I dedicated a large portion of my life learning about Conservation Biology and working as a volunteer in order to help non-profit organisations save habitats and threatened species. I've worked in the field and in the office with various people of various backgrounds. I've done surveys, monitoring, risk assessments, public engagement, woodland and grassland management, and GIS analysis and mapping. I'm specialised in birds, however, the work that I've done also involved other groups like amphibians, reptiles, mammals (rodents and bats) and plants. I'm actively looking for an opportunity to use my skills for nature conservation and/or to educate the public about wildlife and its importance.
Antonia Leckie

Conservation Biologist, Leckie Nature Consultants

I am a conservation biologist focused on finding solutions to conservation problems. My passion lies in trying to improve the link between conservation efforts and research in order to enable a project to feedback into management impacts. My hobbies include Art, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Cycling and any excuse for an adventure