Oscar Maldonado

Independent Consultant and Scholar, Conservation Planning and Adaptive Management

About Oscar Maldonado

I am often called a conservation planning specialist, but my 25-year professional career also encompasses other components of biodiversity conservation projects, such as management; monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and technical auditing. Geographically, I specialize in Latin America and Africa, but my assignments have also included the projects in the Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe. I am used to work in different cultural, social and disciplinary settings, involving a number organisations and audiences, as well as a diversity of conservation projects, from large-scale conservation initiatives (Patagonia, the Amazon, Western Africa, Mozambique Channel), to community-based conservation projects (Brazil, Mexico, Peru, DRC). My approach is based on a three-fold background in social sciences, environmental sciences, and geography. My fluency in Spanish, French and English, an increasing proficiency in Portuguese, and a deep cultural and gender sensitivity allow me to seamlessly work in different settings and locations worldwide. I love my work, but besides work, I also I love dogs, being in contact with nature, cooking, reading, meeting new friends and travel.

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