Oscar Maldonado

Independent Consultant and Scholar, Conservation Planning and Adaptive Management
  • Conservation Planning and Adaptive Management
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  • Guatemala
Onja Razanamaro

postodoc , RBGKEW

I'm Onja Razanamaro from Madagascar and I'm focusing on Malagasy dry forest conservation area. I'm working with local population to meet their goal of reducing the use of natural ressource
Olivier Chassot

Candidate, WCPA Chair, IUCN

I was born in Switzerland, but my current home is Costa Rica where I have been living with my wife and daughter for the last 25 years. Over two decades, I have developed extensive knowledge in sustainability topics along with a wide experience in designing, fundraising, and implementing conservation biology programs, biological corridors, project planning, implementation and monitoring, the leadership of inter-institutional alliances at the national, bi-national, regional and international level, as well as in the creation of protected areas. My areas of expertise include biodiversity, landscape issues, connectivity conservation, transboundary conservation, protected areas, and World Heritage Sites, sustainable development, wildlife, governance, and ecosystem conservation. I have worked for local and international NGOs and the academy, and define myself as a passionate conservation practitioner compromised with high standards of excellence, and a team player able to build strong intercultural relationships. I love trail running, photography, reading, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people from different cultural contexts. I am fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, with limited working proficiency in German and Indonesian. I am currently learning Mandarin and Arabic.
Nico Zeltner

Founder & Executive Director, Aposphere

Ester Quintana

Researcher, NA

Adam Barlow

Executive Director, WildTeam UK

I help run a UK charity that builds the capacity of conservationists to plan, implement, monitor, and report on their work. I also have a fair bit of experience in tiger and sea turtle conservation.