Founder , Connecting Youngsters to Nature
Giuseppe Forestieri

Creative Director, Motion Aptitude

Outdoors enthusiast, snowboard and kitesurf addict with a background in visual communication. As a fan of outdoor sports, I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the complexities of our ecosystem, it makes me want to do all I can to preserve nature and see it flourish. Hence, in 2018 I've created Motion Aptitude. With our animations and illustrations, we’ve been helping universities and organisations sharing stories and scientific studies related to Environmental Science and other allied disciplines such as Biodiversity, Ecology, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare. We aim to foster a sense of curiosity and interest in the natural world and science, so people can connect more deeply with the environment and the world around them. Our Vision is to help reconnect people of all generation with nature to ensure a sustainable future. Our Mission is to inform and inspire viewers with our compelling animated stories. Are you ready to elevate your communication to the next level? Let's talk ▶️
Manon Verijdt

Founder / Entrepreneur, Ubuntu Magazine

I am the founder of Ubuntu Magazine. We share personal stories from the frontlines of conservation globally.  I have a background as a Applied Biologist and have been traveling the African continent since September '22 in a Land Rover Defender. Alongside watching wildlife and learning more about new countries and cultures, we (my partner and I) visit projects for Ubuntu Magazine.