Dimitry ZINVOEDO (He/Him)

Student and Assistant to the Biodiversity monitoring Officer , Oiseaux et Horizons

About Dimitry ZINVOEDO

I studied Management of Natural Resources at the Université Nationale d'Agriculture du Bénin, where I earned a bachelor's degree upon completion of a study focused on assessing anthropic threats on the Monotes kerstingii population, a tree species in northern Benin, within the forest of Tchaourou-Toui-Kiolibo. Following my studies, I completed a one-year internship at CREDI-ONG (Centre Régional de Recherche et d'Education pour un Développement Intégré), where I actively participated in various activities such as marshbuck monitoring, bird counting, and more.

In 2019, I presented a conference on challenges related to biodiversity protection in Benin and France at Refuge de l'Arche in Château-Gontier, France.

Subsequently, I joined Oiseaux et Horizons, an NGO that promotes birds through sustainable tourism and awareness. Next year, I plan to pursue a Master's degree in Ecological Engineering at Corsica University.

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