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About Elisa Paglia

When I was ten I decided to study marine biology and become an expert in sharks, unfortunately suffering from sea sickness I decided to change plans.

So I started my path by graduating as a chemical and biological laboratory technician and studying environmental science. Right out of university I was able to volunteer for a year in a natural park as an environmental educator and marketing assistant.

Due to family problems I had to help in the family business and I employed my expertise in finding new sustainable materials used in the small fashion company my family owned until Covid.

In 2021 I opened my own company focusing in localization and marketing services to support sustainable initiatives such as:

- translating subtitles for courses focused on decarbonization and circular economy

- localization of the Earth Hero app, thanks to the Proz Pro Bono initiative

I am currently finishing a 6-months course to become a front-end developer and help clients creating unique pages to promote their initiatives.

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