Mary-Anne (MAC) Collis

Conservation Officer, Scottish Wildlife Trust (Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels)

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Hi Caralea,

I'd be really interested in joining you in making a strategy for Koalas during the 10am sessions. 


Red squirrel project:

Incoming dependency: the project is reliant on local communities to report their squirrel sightings

Outgoing dependency: Scottish forestry and NatureScot are dependent on the project to considerably reduce the threat of grey squirrels in and around stronghold red squirrel populations 

Not knowing which version was the most current and who had already commented on it and who was left to comment.

Hi Léa

In response to your quick poll - I think they're all important but I would definitely put on-ground experience and skills above the others. As you can easily pick up on specific ecological knowledge where needed and funding isn't necessarily something you can control as part of your career development.

Thanks for sharing the details about the Conservation Optimism Podcast. :) 

Just to add another one my colleague has just started up - Wee Blue Dot 

She does hour long interviews with people working in conservation across the world partly so we can all share what we're doing with the wider public but also amongst ourselves - I've already learnt about a lot of projects and conservation issues I had no idea about.



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Replying to Léa K

Hi Mac, lovely to meet you! Glad to see another person representing Scotland in this cohort! I  myself live in Pitlochry in Scotland and have a slight obsession with red squirrels so looking forward to hearing more about your experiences :)


Hi Léa, 

Lovely to meet you too. Great to hear you're in Pitlochry and have an obsession for red squirrels. I'll have to introduce you to my counterpart that looks after the area as I believe they could do with some help locally if you're interested in volunteering at all.