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Co-trainer and Mentorship officer , Mehrdar Art and Production

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By profession I am an chemical engineer, who always find himself asking the most important questions why I am here? What is the purpose of life? Yes! I love to about physics and philosophy.

I belong to a village situated on the outskirts of Karachi comprising of fisher people and vast mangrove forests. Not many fisher people of Pakistan are able to jump out from the circle of illiteracy, however few us did graduate and now were are working so that every fisher gets a chance to fly their graduation hat in the air. My father is a social worker so volunteering my time for social issues and activism is in my spleens.

I advocate for the protection of biological walls the mangrove forests by various means. We organize Mangroves Safaris for people to sea the mangrove forests in person. Experience how this amazing ecosystem is at work. We get the youth involved and design social action projects with them.

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Jul 08, 2024
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Thank you for sharing this exciting trailer Shah! I am looking forward to watching your next videos and also to learn who you will be interviewing in those videos within your community.  

Perhaps also of interest to you @Nurul Huda Abd Kadir because Shah is working with mud crabs also :) 

Shah, Nurul recently published a paper on heavy metals in wild mud crabs in Malaysia, please find the description here

Also looping in @Suhail Bashir for further feedback on your video! 

Thank you so much @Thirza Loffeld for your enthusiastic support I'm thrilled to hear you're looking forward to the next videos in the Humara Jungle series. Your encouragement means a lot.

I'm also very interested in learning more about Nurul Huda Abd Kadir's research on heavy metals in wild mud crabs. It sounds fascinating and highly relevant to my work. Thank you for the introduction and the link to the paper.

Looking forward to any feedback from Suhail Bashir as well. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and adventures from our community!

This entire ride is with those fisher people who catch mud crabs however I also tell other stories of the jungle that fascinate me. Two video are uploaded on social media so far and we are getting good engagement. Let me upload here also the videos are in urdu however I also have added English subtitles


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