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About Stéphanie Rycken

I recently graduated in International Development and Climate Studies from Wageningen University. My MSc dissertation on community forestry, environmental justice and payments for ecosystem services in Timor-Leste, confirmed my interest in these areas, as well as my motivation to work in and with the Global South.

As a trainee at the EEAS in Timor-Leste, I gained practical experience with the design, implementation and evaluation of environmentally related rural development programmes, as well as with EU representation and multilateral development aid dynamics. 

As an activist, I am or have been involved in raising awareness, organising events, and facilitating knowledge exchange in the areas of climate change & sustainable development, rethinking the food system, and reducing & recycling waste, with youth and young professionals as the target group . 

As long as I'm looking for a job, I would like to stay open to the following interests, next to the abovementioned ones:  

  • I would like to learn more about nature-based climate solutions - relevant for BIPOC communities - for a wide range of sustainability interventions, and how to implement such solutions in close collaboration with BIPOC communities.
  • I am very interested to explore the possibilities of becoming a facilitator/trainer/coach to support people/organisations with the social and personal challenges that inevitably rise from implementing environmental & development projects & programmes.
  • As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I am also on the outlook for environmental and development approaches that interrelate caring for the earth and soul. 

I look forward to connect with you if you share similar interests and/or have ideas about opportunities in these areas! 

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